About us

We are living in a beautiful old woodhouse build 1850 in middle of Sweden in the stunning Hälsingland area. Before we lived in Norway and all of the family are originally from Fredrikstad in Norway. Lise is educated as a nurse and Tommy as a policeman. The last year both works full-time and part-time as self-employed. Besides Lise and Tommy there are two teenager boys and the Labradors Nero and Sima

Sins her childhood Lise had a huge passion for horses and for several years she has had her own horses. In 2008 we started to breed dressagehorses with new toplinemares from Germany. We invested in several very famous and strong lines from the German Oldenburger and Hannoveranerlines. We do breed in a small scale, but with very high quality because we are full-time committed in different project. 
Several times each year we visit Germany and Holland for updating in what’s coming and to try to be in “front” in our breeding. We also have professional mentors in Sweden and Germany that helps us to manage and improve breeding success.
We are optimistic and believe in a bright future for a professional breeders.

Go for success!