H.St.B Lorena

H.St.B Lorena

H.St.B Lorena - Lauries Crusador xx - World Cup I by Caflin AB

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H.St.B Wenezia World Cup I Woermann
St.Pr Sendernixe
H.St.B Lena  Libanon
H.St.B Arga

HannoveraneroldLorena born 2003 – dead 2013 

Lorena is out of a very old Hannoveraner damline from the mare Schluppera born 1908.

This is a very successful line with high scale of horses up to a high level dressage and also several at Grand Prix lever and one in Olympic Games in Athen 2004 (Falada M ridden by Karen Tebar)

A fullbr other to Lorena is licensed in Hannover, Westfalen and Sweden. In Sweden he was the Vicechampion at the licensing with the marks 10 for his canter and 9 for his type. 

Lorena´s mother Wenezia had all over high marks at her Mare Performance Test with 8 for gaits and 8,5 for ridability. She was very successfully as a youngster in competition and several siblings to Lorena is also very promising in competition. Granddam Lena was before she became a broodmare very successful in high level dressage. 

Lorena´s first offspring from Rosario was selected and sold at the auction in Verden as four years old and he is always in the top at the competition lists and 2012 he is a true winner. He is very promising.

Lorena´s second offspring was also selected to the Verden Auction as a youngster.

Her third offspring did a very good Performance Test in Sweden with the marks: type 9, head 8, legs 7, walk 8, trot 8, canter 8 and with a total score 48 points she also qualified for the National Mare Show and the Swedish Championship 2012.

2007 – colt by Rosario                     sold at auction in Verden
2008 – filly by San Remo                 sold selected for auction
2009 – filly by Diamond Hit               sold
2010 – colt by Sir Donnerhall           sold
2011 – colt by Sir Donnerhall           sold
2012 – filly by Fürstenball                for sale
2013 – colt by Fürstenball                dead