St.Pr.St Highline

St.Pr.St Highline

St.PrA Highline - Quaterback - Roadster - Sandro Hit by Caflin AB

Quaterback Quaterman Quando-Quando
St.Pr.St Passionata Brandenburger
St.Pr/El.St Highness Roadster Rohdiamant
Verb.Pr Malta
St.Pr/El.St Highnoon Sandro Hit
St.Pr/El.St Hertz Dame


This noble and beautiful bay State premium candidate mare, 167 cm, with breathtaking supergaits and wonderful caracter, is very easy to handle and so willing to work!!

 Her dam is sensational highly decorated!!

 Highline is from a very old military line, the same line that the Olympic Games horse Gracchus is out of. Her grand granddame St.Pr./El. Herz Dame after Titus – Guter Gast xx has produced extraordinarly good sportshorses, several States Premium mares and auctionhorses. Her fullbrother was the Vice Champion in Germany 1996. Granddame St.Pr./El. Highnoon from Sandro Hit is States Premium and Elite Premiun, her first offspring is the mother to St.PrA Highline. Her mother is St.Pr/El Highness born 2005 after Roadster that is a sire with the talented Rohdiamantblood. She was also titeled Stats Premium and selected for the Brillantring in Rastede 2008. The grandma St.Pr./El. Highnoon has also produced two more mares, one by Blue Hors Romanov  and one by Quaterback that also was selected for the Brillantring in Rastede.

 St.PrA Highline as two very promising brothers from the sire Depardieu. Her one year younger brother from the sire Füchtels Floriscount is selected for the saddle licening i Vechta for the spring 2013.

 Highline herselves was a premium as a foal and we bougth her as 2 weeks old and raised her up at our home in Sweden.In June 2012 she did her Mare Perfomance Test in Vechta and did one of the best performance test over all and scored total 8,08 recieving 9,0 for trot, 8,5 for canter, 8,0 for walk and 8,5 for rideability! She become a States Premium Candidate and was selected for ther famous Rastede Elite Mare Show where she was one of the best and placed 1-m in the Brillantring!

In 2013 she was third with amazing 77 % in her first competition and was also third in the Oldenburger championship in Rastede!

In 2014 she became a mum and gave birth to an extraordinary good filly so there are no doubts she also produces’ top in breeding.

Klick here for more photos and video of Highline. 

2014 – filly from Sezuan
2016 – in foal with Skovens Rafael    Available for sale 2016!