Fürstenball – Lauries Crusador xx


Fürstenball - Lauries Crusador - World Cup I  by Caflin AB

Fürstenball Fürst Heinrich Florestan
Maradonna Donnerhall
H.St.B Lorena Lauries Cursador xx Welsh Pageant xx
Suare Note xx
H.St.B Wenezia World Cup I
H.St.B Lena

                                             Filly dark bay, born May 12th 2012    Sold to Holland!

Fürstenball - Lauries Crusador - World Cup I by Caflin ABold  
Loreen is a very lovely filly with a super character. She is modern and longlegged with a stunning beauty with big eyeballs. She moves very well in all three gaits, with much elasticity and very good hindlegs. 
We do think of her as our future broodmare with this very exciting and interesting pedigree.

Fürstenball - Lauries Cursador xx - World Cup I by Caflin AB


 The dam Lorena is fullsister to the Swedish Vicechampion Loredes 1107 at the licening in Sweden! He had the mark 10 for his canter.

All of H.St.B Lorenas offsprings have all very good rideability and super character.


 Approximately she will be 170 cm +