Blue Hors Zack – Fidertanz

Princess Jacqueline

PJ 4

Blue Hors Zack Rousseau Olympic Ferro
Orona Jazz
Verb.Pr.St. Princess’ Pride Fidertanz Fidermark I
Reine Freude
St.Pr/El.St. Royal Princess Rohdiamant
St.Pr.St. Dexueme 
4 mounths


A supergirl with a superpedigree!

 Good fundament, nice lines and proportions with 3 wonderful gaits, so well balanced with elasticity and active hindlegs. She has also a super temper, sensitive in a good way and so easy.

She is so look alike her older siblings and their supermom.

We are so happy for her and wish her a bright future.
So far she will stay in our hands and is not for sale. 


PJ 4 mounths

PC 4 m