In a flashback to the year 2013, we find it both exciting and enriching. There have been ups and downs, but everything has been hard or fun experiences and given us a greater knowledge and understanding or simply have taught us to accept more.
We want to give all our partners and fine friends the biggest thank you. It is because of you we find it worthy to continue towards what we believe in and dream about. Especially we want to give Katharina Andersson and Mattias Öhrn thank you from our hearts for always helping us with our horses and taking so good care of them. Always professional and very pleasant for us!

New Year, new opportunities, new experiences! During the springtime we expect four foals and newborns are always exciting and finally we’ll see the last year’s results of our choices.
Performance tests, stallion shows, catalogs, etc. are always of great interest to breeders and Herning in Denmark in March is already prebooked 🙂 Breaking some young horses and see them under saddle are so fun and not at least the mare-performance test in Vechta for the young mares is really exiting! Welcome 2014!

Happy new 2014 to you all!


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