Princess’ Pride in foal!

Finally we had the last mare pregnant for this year. We missed some time while we was trying with frozen semen from a stallion that had unknown fertility frozen. Then we changed stallion to Canterbury she was pregnant after the first insemination as she always does.

Verb.Pr Princess' Pride - Fidertanz - Rohdiamant - DonnerhallCanterbury 




“Flora” as we call her at home have that gigantic dressagepedigree (Fidertanz – Rohdiamant – Donnerhall – Pik Bube) and we thought that the combination with a stallion with Holsteinerblood would be an interesting combination. Canterbury was not a coincidence; he has already proved that he makes not only good jumpinghorses but also very good dressagehorses. He have the well known Branderburger as motherfater like the famous stallion Quaterback. 

“Flora” has 3 offspring and she has put a lot of value to her babies, just as we want from a very good broodmare. All of them are so lookalike both in type, gaits and temper. They looks like Flora-minis. We are so happy for her. 

It will be an exiting 2014!


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